The investment strategy platform Stratiphy has announced the creation of a new investing app for the Apple app store and Google Play. The solution makes experienced investors’ approaches more accessible by providing users with tailored investing ideas and insights.

Customers are given tailored investing plans based on a range of factors such as risk level, performance, sectors, regions, and ESG. 

In contrast to existing model portfolio solutions, which usually use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy, Stratiphy gives personalised investment signals.

Customers may profit as a result from smart portfolio design and effective risk management procedures that are adapted to their specific needs and established in accordance with industry best practises.

Stratiphy helps individuals to make better educated and risk-adjusted investing decisions by continuously monitoring and analysing millions of data points.

The organisation has also significantly simplified this procedure by employing a ‘no code’ technique. As a result, Stratiphy distinguishes itself as a suitable system for the growing number of retail investors starting on their investment journey.  

Hedge funds and banks employ the systematic investment algorithms provided by Stratiphy.

“Doing high-quality, consistent research on investments is difficult and time-consuming,’’ said Daniel Gold, founder of Stratiphy, of the new application’s launch.

‘’That’s why Stratiphy gives people tools to base their investment decisions on tried and tested principles, leveraging some of the most powerful systematic investment strategies on the market in the process.’’

‘’We’re delighted to finally give everyday investors access to insights and analytics, which were previously the preserve of professional investors and industry insiders. Our application is helping to level the playing field by democratising access to sophisticated investing techniques.”

Five universities are currently testing the organisation’s innovative solution.

The company expects to announce more products in the approaching months and plans to continue raising money in the future to support its expansion goals.