SC Ventures, the innovation arm of Standard Chartered, and asset manager Franklin Templeton have launched Autumn, a wealth, health, and lifestyle solution platform in Singapore.

The plan is to also launch Autumn in Hong Kong and other markets in Asia.

Autumn aids consumers interested in achieving their financial goals to plan and manage their financial and physical wellbeing. The Standard Chartered solution does this through providing tools, products, and services across all aspects of wealth, health, and lifestyle.

In addition, it will offer a bundled offering to address needs in a holistic and personalised manner. Combining banking, investment, insurance, and healthcare data into a single dashboard helps users plan their financial future.

Franklin Templeton will be an asset management partner of Autumn and provide users access to curated financial literacy content from the Franklin Templeton Academy.

Mike Kruger, chief executive of Autumn, said: “Everyone wants to live well, and Autumn helps users plan for a future that makes this possible. We’re delighted to be working with Franklin Templeton and Standard Chartered to create a truly customer-centric, holistic and affordable solution for all. By combining digital wealth technology with health, lifestyle and financial wellness, we’ll help users adopt healthier habits and create a retirement that is personalised for them.”

Alex Manson of SC Ventures added: “Autumn addresses one of the greatest societal challenges of our time and which is dear to my heart: getting older, which is unfortunately inevitable. All of us want to grow older in a good way, with a healthy lifestyle, planning the form of retirement that is specifically the one we truly aspire to and giving ourselves the means to achieve it, as opposed to procrastinating about the issue. This won’t be achieved by pushing products – it requires trust in a community of like-minded people, and importantly, the integrity of data-driven decisions. This is what Autumn is all about.”

Harshendu Bindal, head of digital strategy and wealth management, Franklin Templeton, said: “We are delighted to partner with Autumn and SC Ventures in launching an innovative digital platform for investors’ wealth, health and lifestyle needs. As an asset management partner of Autumn, our best-in-class investment model portfolios and educational content will be made available to Autumn’s customers as they make informed investment decisions related to life events, retirement, as well as their general and financial well-being.”