Soochow Securities’ Hong Kong subsidiary has signed a strategic partnership with DL Holdings in Hong Kong to further grow their wealth succession and asset management operations.

Under the tie-up, both firms will work together in the fields of family office and wealth management.

The firms will also work in the areas of joint operation and equity, such as docking domestic and overseas customers, delivering asset distribution strategies and investment offerings in addition to selling different financial products.

These initiatives will help the firms to jointly support international investment and wealth management between mainland China and Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area along with the Asia-Pacific region.

Furthermore, the alliance will allow the firms to use and enhance their business and services.

The collaboration also paves way for creating a wealth ecosystem in Greater Bay Area and enabling Hong Kong to become a place of a global wealth management cluster demonstration.

Through the tie-up, Soochow Securities (Hong Kong) and DL further aim to benefit from opportunities in the wealth management sector and keep an eye on changing requirements of wealthy clients to set up a diversified, professional and integrated service system, among others.

Soochow Securities president Zhen Xue said: “Soochow Securities (Hong Kong) and DL Holdings have signed a strategic cooperation agreement, taking advantage of the ‘favourable timing, geographical and human conditions.’

“The ‘favourable timing’ refers to the global economy gradually recovering from the COVID-19, with China’s economy rebounding strongly after reopening.

“The favourable geographical’ signifies that both Soochow Securities (Hong Kong) and DL Holdings are based on the shores of Victoria Harbor, adhering to the principles of ‘one country’ while utilising the advantages of ‘two systems,’ constantly creating new value for clients in this unique geographical position.”