The primary goal of the Societe Generale approach is to improve the bank’s financial profile by 2026 which will allow it to be sustainable.

Capital accumulation will be a top objective in order to improve the group’s agility and long-term viability.

A sustainable future for Societe Generale

The strategy for a sustainable future is narrowly focused on two goals: to be a solidified bank and to support efficient enterprises.

In order to pursue sustainable development through a solution-driven expert consulting and financing, the organisation will profit from the solid foundation of its franchises on megatrends.

It aims to create a streamlined, united, and synergistic business strategy, bringing businesses closer together and fostering cross-selling, with customers at the focal point of the value generation process.

Utilising a combination of internal expertise and outside collaborations, the group will grow up its value proposition while offering professional consulting services that are solution-driven.

By 2026, it is anticipated that run-rate value generation from data and artificial intelligence will be approximately €500m ($534m), and digital capabilities will continue to grow to support increased contributions of digital sales to group revenues, lower cost-to-serve, and other objectives.

Slawomir Krupa, chief executive officer of Societe Generale Group, commented: “I am pleased to share our strategic vision, financial targets, and our aspirations for the future of Societe Generale. Our 2026 Strategic Plan will deliver our ambition to be a rock-solid, top tier European bank, built on our strong foundations: trusted long-standing client relationships, talented and committed teams, innovative and distinctive value-added businesses and pioneering ESG leadership.

‘‘We will strengthen the Group by shaping a simplified business portfolio, while taking the right actions to build-up capital and increase flexibility, structurally improve our operating leverage, and maintain our best-in-class risk management.’’