SatuitCRM Platform will provide SatuitCRM clients with the ability to create, organize, customize, collate and distribute their monthly, quarterly and annual client reporting packages using the familiar interface of SatuitCRM.

The SatuitCRM packaging module will enable creation of individually tailored client financial report packages, saving hundreds of hours for each client, by organizing documents from a variety of sources, including the large PDF files typically provided by back office portfolio systems or stored in hundreds of folders.

The key feature of the packaging module, the SatuitCRM Global Document Search (GDS) tool, has the ability to create individual reports based on client number, from a single, large multi-client PDF. Additionally, GDS can pull documents from individual folders on your network.

"The SatuitCRM platform eliminates the need for redundant databases, reducing workloads and bandwidth usage while ensuring more accurate and timely data is used to create reports," said James Plassmann, SatuitCRM product manager.