Poland UHNWIs by Sector: Poland economy has the ninth-largest economy in the EU with a GDP value of US$545 billion in 2012 (2011: US$532 billion). Poland’ GDP per capita grew by 35% over the review period, from US$11,209 in 2007 to US$15,146 in 2012 (2011: US$13,933).

Retail is the most important industry from which Polish UHNWIs have acquired their wealth – it is the primary source of wealth for 15.0% of local UHNWIs. FMCG in second place is the primary source of wealth for 11.7% of UHNWIs. Other important industries for UHNWIs include manufacturing (11.5%), financial services (10.9%), technology (9.7%) and diversified (8.0%). View more data orBuy full report