RBC has formed a partnership with Conquest Planning Inc., a platform for technology that is changing financial planning by providing customised and convenient guidance to Canadians through expanded digital capabilities and financial planning service delivery.

RBC is using Conquest’s simple and collaborative solution as part of its ongoing investment in next-generation digital capabilities to elevate the client experience. To develop efficient financial plans for clients, the Conquest platform employs sophisticated artificial intelligence.

“The Conquest platform will help us deliver a world-class digital planning experience for clients,’’ said Michael Walker, vice president & head, Mutual Funds Distribution & RBC Financial Planning.

Conquest’s software also includes a gateway that will eventually allow clients to access a ‘always on’, engaging, and customised financial plan that shows the impact of changes to a client’s financial condition in real time.

This is a substantial benefit for RBC consumers.

This solution, in addition to RBC’s distinctive MyAdvisor digital guidance platform, will be utilised by RBC to enhance the advice now provided by its financial advisors.

Walker expressed, ‘’We’re excited to bring this next generation financial planning capability to our financial planners and clients.’’

“In tandem with MyAdvisor, the Conquest platform will help us deliver a world-class digital advice and planning experience for our clients to help them achieve their financial goals – no matter how complex their individual and family financial needs may be.”

Conquest CEO Mark Evans stated that the partnership highlights the financial services industry’s innovation and RBC’s leadership role in this field.

“We are aligned with RBC’s purpose-driven, principles-led approach to delivering leading performance and creating value across their client base. Embedding our engine within their digital ecosystem will power the future of financial advice delivery, and we couldn’t be prouder about this new collaboration.”