Rathbone Unit Trust Management is set to introduce a global equity fund in July 2018, which will invest in firms engaged in sustainable development and whose activities support the achievements of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The launch is subject to regulatory approval.

The new Rathbone Global Sustainability fund will invest in 30 to 50 companies. It targets a total return in excess of the FTSE World index over a minimum of five years.

The vehicle will boost positive change in firms, while avoiding companies involved in unsustainable practices.

The fund will be managed by David Harrison, who will be supported by the firm’s broader equity team.

Harrison will run the fund by working alongside Rathbones’ sustainable investment unit Rathbone Greenbank Investment.

Rathbone Unit Trust Management CEO Mike Webb said: “The launch of the Rathbone Global Sustainability fund was the next logical step for us, building on the success and strong growth of the Rathbone Ethical Bond fund.

“There is a growing cohort of clients who want to make a positive impact with their investments, and the launch of this equity fund will help meet this demand.”