Quantio, situated in London, has been in business since 2022 and claims to be the world’s first successful AI financial enterprise for wealth management.

It has been managing capital for major organisations and investment finance firms for over a year and wants to expand globally.

The company provides client services while adhering to the highest professional standards and utilising tools to simplify investments and enhance earnings through the provision of cutting-edge AI-based products.

Quantio portfolios are completely diversified and employ AI to execute trading activities and invest in a variety of assets with varied risk levels. The investing process is completely automated for both novice and advanced investors, making investments simple and optimising earnings while minimising taxes.

Quantio chief technology officer, Jonathan Byrne, said: “A key feature of the operating principle is that the AI creates unique sequences, each of which is based on an analysis of the entire dataset of existing models. This means that a decision is made by analysing more than ten thousand possible situations per nanosecond, depending on the importance of the particular case.”

The approach taken by Quantio blends machine learning data with human experience.

It utilises technical and fundamental analysis, as well as artificial intelligence and experienced financial professionals. This differentiates them from other automated investment management services.

Quantio ensures that deals are done consistently, with traders watching the process while automation frees up time for other critical activities.

Any unanticipated concerns are quickly rectified by competent professionals. The key advantage of the platform is its simplicity; investors only need to create an account and then activate their portfolio through their personal account.

CEO Brian Evans added: “Our goal is to make our products available to everyone. So that any investor anywhere in the world can generate income from artificial intelligence work with no experience in trading, programming, or analytics.”

Quantio’s objective is to assist investors in retaining and growing their funds while also offering security to all types of investors.