OneMarketData has announced that PTS Partners, a global quantitative fund,has implemented OneTick, a single solution for stream processing and tick data that spans both historical and real-time, to support the firm’s quantitative investment strategies.

To develop successful strategies in the market, quantitative investment firms must be equipped to analyze ever increasing volumes of data to identify new trading opportunities and be in a position to act on opportunities as they arise.
PTS Partners is using OneTick to support its quantitative research and strategy development to identify predictive signals based on both historical and real-time market data. It is the first vendor solution that the firm has employed to support its trading and research activities.

Hau Chiew of PTS Partners, said: "OneTick gives our quants a clear advantage, the tooling to analyze both historical and real-time data to more efficiently identify and capture alpha in the current challenging market environment. OneTick allows us to archive global tick data across all our tradable markets as well as back-test our models to discover what works the best and capitalize on that."

Richard Chmiel, senior vice president, OneMarketData, said: "Quantitative investors need to be equipped with state-of-the-art research, trading and analytics tools to discover alpha in today’s markets. PTS Partners’s selection of OneTick reflects on the product’s ability to help quants and traders research what has worked in the past and shape new algorithms to recognize opportunities in real-time."

OneTick’s intuitive, performance-driven design, combined with its real-time and historical data capabilities, empowers quants, analysts and traders to create more informed and vetted analysis of market data, leading to increased performance and ultimately profits.

Built specifically for the financial services industry by Wall Street veterans, OneTick is the only stream processingproduct in the market that solves two problems with one platform by functioning as an integrated combined stream processing and tick database.