Fintech provider Profile Software has introduced a new solution that will automate investment management operations for wealth management firms and banks.

Dubbed Axia Robo Advisor, the new solution facilitates automation in client onboarding, compliance, risk monitoring, portfolio selection as well as rebalancing. It supports both self-service and hybrid advisory service model.

“Axia Robo Advisor supports predefined and easily customisable processes for clients’ onboarding that cover self-registration, verification and profiling. Based on the client’s profile an asset allocation model is selected and assigned, allowing simulations and auto-rebalancing, while regular reporting and alerts are available for frequent in-depth portfolio review,” the company said.

The new solution also incorporates advanced document management capabilities and is adaptable to various strategies. At the same time, it offers CRM function for hybrid advisory models with automated reporting and client communication tools.

Plans are on to eventually upgrade the platform with more features such as chatbots, automatic and portfolio allocation using artificial intelligence.