The 2022 edition of the Private Banker International Global Wealth Awards has been a year that has seen some of the strongest submissions ever.

Despite all of the geopolitical worry of recent times, you can always depend on the private banking sector to stay firm and meet client needs. This year, firms have gone above and beyond to satisfy clients on their terms. Wherever, whenever, whatever, private banks need to deliver that.

What do HNWIs want from their adviser? It cannot be the same as pre-pandemic as the sector embraced digital solutions to suit clients. Clients have responded well and new relationships have been formed. More are now comfortable with jumping onto a laptop to discuss portfolios rather than needing the comfort and personality of face-to-face.

Ethics and philanthropy were huge topics during the pandemic, which has resulted in a surge in interest in services such as ESG. Being responsible with investments can now provide healthy returns, but for how much longer? Will clients have to make a choice in the near future?

These themes are explored in depth with our winners in the special Private Banker International Global Wealth Awards 2022 report which can be found here.

Hard decisions are on the horizon and one wrong step could be fatal. These awards highlight the best of the best in the industry, those looking towards the future. It was a true joy looking through submissions and nominations.

Congratulations to our winners and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

The list of winners can be found here. To look into applying next year, please get in touch via the link right here.