Phoenix American Financial Services (PAFS) has launched fund administration services for new investment fund companies operating under SEC rule 506(c).

New services comprise call center services, printing and fulfillment, investor follow-up, investor accreditation services and new investment processing.

In addition, Phoenix American also deliver back office outsourcing offering which includes shareholder record keeping, transfer agent services, tax and accounting services, among others.

This new offering intends to streamline fund administration services for new investors and maximize the efficiency of new investor acquisition and processing as well as ongoing shareholder record keeping, claims Phoenix American.

Phoenix American also provides sponsors of offering a fund so that sponsors’ operations staff may focus on growing the fund. The company employs a specialized staff to navigate investors through the process.

Phoenix also adapted its STAR-XMS transfer agent system to include an Accredited Investor Database mainly created to fulfill all needed compliances and to simplify re-accreditation of investors for future offerings.

Phoenix American business development director Tony Olivo said, "This is a natural move for us."

"We have been serving alternative investment funds for over forty years through many changes in regulations and the economy.

"Our front office offering for 506(c) funds is a natural extension of the tradition of efficiency, security and value that we bring to our back office outsourcing services," Olivo added.

Besides offering back office outsourcing and transfer agent services, Phoenix American Financial Services provides sales and marketing reporting services to companies in the alternative investment and mutual fund industries.