Investment banker Peter Nesvold’s new merchant bank has picked a minority stake in Stratos Wealth Holdings as its first investment.


Dubbed Nesvold Capital Partners (NCP), the new merchant bank makes supportive, minority investments in growth-oriented wealth and asset management businesses.

Nesvold was previously a partner at Silver Lane Advisors. He also served as the  COO of Raymond James financial services investment banking.

As part of the latest deal, Nesvold secured a seat on the Stratos board.

“NCP can invest either on a direct basis as the sole provider of outside capital or as a co-investor alongside credit providers and/or other long-term minded equity investors that wish to leverage NCP’s extensive deal pipeline, network, and domain expertise,” the new merchant bank said in a statement.

Nesvold stated: “Stratos represents everything we look for in a partner-firm — high growth, high energy, and high integrity.

“I had the pleasure of getting to know Stratos’ executive team when the firm was a client at my last firm, Silver Lane.”

Stratos Wealth Holdings is a $15bn firm that comprises Stratos Wealth Partners, Stratos Wealth Advisors, Stratos Wealth Management, Stratos Wealth Enterprises, and Fundamentum.

It has 300 financial advisers and financial planning professionals across 87 offices.

Stratos founder Jeff Concepcion said: “NCP could not have been easier to transact with.

“The firm was engaged in sub-acquisition opportunities and brand building even before the investment closed.”

Recent developments

In May this year, Stratos made a strategic investment in Brown Wealth Management based in San Diego, California.

The investment amount was not revealed.

This April, Emigrant Partners took a minority stake in Stratos.

Stratos said that it will use the infusion to boost its balance sheet capital to make more investments in its business.

It also said that it will use the capital to enhance its capabilities for existing affiliates.