Together, DePeter and McCarthy manage over $175m and bring over twenty years of industry experience to Pallas Capital, most recently at Mayflower Advisors.

In their time there, they focused on providing individuals and organisations with comprehensive wealth management strategies. In addition, they specialise in providing guidance to corporate employees who hold significant positions in company stock programmes, as well as assisting owners of businesses in navigating their own unique financial queries.

“As the industry continues to evolve, the decision to join Pallas was easy. Especially as we delved deeper into Pallas Capital’s values, comprehensive planning, distinctive investment possibilities, resources, and collaborative culture, we knew it was an opportunity we would not be able to pass up,” said DePeter.

McCarthy added: “Pallas Capital met our vision but exceeded what we had in mind for our growth potential. We knew Pallas Capital would be able to provide our clients with comprehensive access to wealth management strategies and opportunities.”

“We continue to seek advisers that share a similar practice philosophy and more importantly, a desire to grow their practice, in the Ultra-High Net Worth space. By leveraging the Pallas platform and the resources available to them, we believe that advisers can significantly grow their practices while providing enhanced client experiences. Damien and Michael have built an exceptional practice and we are thrilled that they have chosen to affiliate with Pallas,” stated Pallas Capital’s CEO and founding partner, Richard Mullen.