American asset manager Northern Trust is providing global investment performance standards (GIPS) compliant reporting direct to asset owners through an improved version of its proprietary Composite Management System (CMS).

CMS allows clients to create and maintain composites online and utilise composite reporting to adhere to GIPS.

The development will be carried out by the asset manager’s Investment Risk & Analytical Services (IRAS) group, which facilitates performance measurement, risk analysis and investment compliance monitoring for clients. The group has consultants in Chicago, London, Singapore as well as Melbourne.

Northern Trust global head of IRAS product management Ian Castledine said: “Following the release of new guidance from GIPS in January, we expect to see the trend for asset owners to adopt GIPS standards gaining momentum across the industry.”

“Institutional investors globally remain under pressure to deliver high levels of transparency in their reporting. By enhancing our CMS platform and making tools accessible to help our clients with their GIPS compliance processes, Northern Trust is at the forefront of offering solutions for our clients that meet these demands.”