Noonday Asset Management has said that it will now operate under the name Farallon Capital.

The name change unites Farallon Capital Management’s global offices under a single name, effective 1 November 2013.

Andrew Spokes, Farallon’s managing partner, said: "Over the years, our partners at Noonday have played an increasingly greater role in the firm and have become a critical part of who we are and how our business is run. While we have largely been known as Noonday in Europe and Asia for some time now, operating under a single name will better serve our overseas teams in every market."

Ray Zage, CEO of Noonday Asset Management Asia, said: "We have evolved as a firm and the universal use of the Farallon name reflects the way our organization is owned and operated today."

"The change to our trading name recognizes that we are all part of one team, the Farallon team," said Nicolas Giauque, managing member of Noonday Asset Management LLP in London.

Farallon Capital Management is a global institutional asset management firm managing assets worth approximately US$19 billion for institutions.