US investment management firm Neuberger Bremen has launched a new Absolute Return Multi-Strategy Fund (ARMS) that offers low market exposure to hedge fund strategies through an Ucits vehicle.

The new Ucits fund will offer daily dealing, no performance fees, a capped total expense ratio and control of assets through the exclusive use of managed accounts.

ARMS fund will be headed by the firm’s alternative investment management group and will be based on the US regulated version of the same strategy.

Fred Ingham, co-portfolio manager for the Neuberger Berman’s ARMS fund, said: "In the current environment of low bond yields and longer term inflation risk, as well as uncertain equity valuations, hedge funds can offer a particularly attractive alternative, with the ability to benefit from rising rates, as well as from increasing dispersion in global equity markets."

Dik van Lomwel, head of Neuberger Berman EMEA and LatAm, said: "We wanted to offer clients the opportunity to re-engage with hedge funds at an opportune time, but within a structure which directly tackles the historic drawbacks of cost, liquidity and transparency."