NEI Investments, a completely-owned subsidiary of wealth management firm Aviso Wealth, has teamed up with financial technology company CapIntel to deploy latter’s fintech solutions to streamline sales operations and improve the use of fund data.

CapIntel’s technology will allow NEI’s wholesalers to experience added efficiency in their daily tasks, including the capability to make portfolio comparisons more quickly, and also, conveniently create sales materials to help advisors in their client conversations.

Aviso Wealth SVP and head of asset management Tim Prescott said: “Canadians today are increasingly demanding more information and greater transparency around how they invest their hard-earned money.

“Partnering with CapIntel will provide NEI with access to sophisticated portfolio analysis and comparison tools that will enable advisors and their clients to invest with the highest degree of confidence.”

CapIntel CEO James Rockwood said: “The current market has highlighted the need by Canadian investors to have access to advisors who take the time to understand their goals, provide sound and personalised financial advice, and add clarity and context to those recommendations.

“We’re thrilled that our platform will support the teams at NEI to continue doing just that, while improving the wholesaler, advisor and client experience.”

The seamless integration of CapIntel’s platform with NEI’s current technology is expected to take the latter’s sales enablement capabilities ‘to a new level in response to advisor demands and client expectations’.

Furthermore, through this partnership, NEI is expected to benefit as CapIntel evolves its platform to address the changing needs of wholesalers and investment advisors

In March, NEI Investments announced its decision to offload its Russian holdings following Moscow’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.