The services will be available to individual investors, institutions and high network individuals (HNWI).

Alan Durrant, the group chief investment officer and general manager of NBAD’s Asset Management Group said that the new offerings will give investors in the United Arab Emirates the benefits of financial advisory through personalised investment strategies, allowing them the maximise exposure to global investment opportunities.

NBAD also said that both the services would be tailored by NBAD investment specialists to meet the risk and growth appetite of the investor.

To achieve the goal, the NBAD Bespoke Service will offer individually tailored investment portfolio services through a dedicated relationship manager and a team specialist who identifies the right opportunities in structured products, mutual funds, or money market instruments.

Additionally, the customised portfolio is designed based on an investor’s risk tolerance to different asset classes, alternative investments and money markets.

It also offers trust services through NBAD Trust Company (Jersey).

The NBAD Investment Advisory service allows investors to invest in 1,300 stocks across 12 major Middle East and North Africa (MENA) exchanges and 20 highly graded MENA bonds.



Source: Private Banker International