National Bonds, a Sharia-compliant savings and investments firm in the UAE, has launched its Prestige wealth management program for high-net-worth (HNW) clients and investors.

The new program will feature three categories – gold, silver and bronze. Each category will offer clients free financial planning advisory, a relationship manager for Islamic financial transactions, priority in real estate sales invested by the company, and a dedicated contact number for the program’s clients.

The new program is designed by the company’s wealth management department with an aim to offer HNW individuals competitive advantages and returns, in addition to AED6bn worth of investment opportunities within the company portfolio.

National Bonds CEO Mohammed Qasim Al Ali said: “This is an advanced step in the company’s efforts towards educating the public about sharia-compliant savings and investments tools. It also aligns with our mission to boost the national economy and provide the UAE’s citizens and residents with financial instruments and plans that help them achieve sustainable financial stability and security.”

He pointed out that private wealth in the UAE is set to grow 14.1% annually to reach $1 trillion by 2020.

“We are confident the Prestige program will help us create a new concept for financial planning and responsible investment. We also hope that the program will encourage savers to commit to a financial plan that helps them generate revenues and enables them to achieve their dreams for a more stable future,” Al Ali added.