An overwhelming majority of affluent individual investors in the US, predominantly millennials, are now keen to embrace sustainable investing strategies.

The findings are from a study by Morgan Stanley, which surveyed 800 US individual investors with at least $100,000 in investable assets.

Eighty-five percent of these investors cited that they are interested in sustainable investing, while 52% said that they have already participated in one such activity.

The interest for such strategies was more pronounced in millennials, referred to as people aged between 18 and 37 years.

Among the millennials, 95% were found interested in sustainable investing while 67% said they already participated in one such activity.

Overall, 86% of the respondents believed that corporate ESG practices can boost profit margins and serve as better long-term investments.

Of the investors polled, 84% also expressed willingness to tailor their investments to their impact goals. The same was cited by 90% of the millennials.

Moreover, 84% of the investors wanted to track the impact return on their investments. This figure too was higher among millennials at 90%.

However, 65% of the investors found a lack of more financial product options as an impediment to adopting sustainable investing.

Morgan Stanley chief sustainability officer and chief marketing officer Audrey Choi said: “These findings reaffirm that sustainable investing has entered the mainstream and is here to stay.

“Increasingly, investors want to know what they own and want those holdings to reflect their values.”