British asset management company M&G Wealth, in partnership with MoneyFarm, has introduced a new digital investment platform, called &me.

MoneyFarm is a digital investment specialist, where M&G Wealth bought a stake in January last year.

The newly launched platform has been developed to help people with their investment decisions.   

The app will allow clients to make calls or have discussions with the company’s consultants. It also has the capability to facilitate a video conference.   

Using &me, clients can determine their risk profiles and financial goals, among others.  

The platform has been designed to match its clients with one of the six of its portfolios based on their various investment requirements, such as stocks and shares as well as pension or general investment account or others.

Clients can gain access to their investments details as per their own convenience, through the app.

&me comprises classic and targeted portfolios. The classic portfolios include several exchange traded funds (ETFs) that are lower cost, and invest in equities and bonds.

Targeted portfolios, which involve various actively managed funds, invest in a range of active and passive funds.

M&G Wealth managing director David Montgomery said: “We are focused on helping people to manage and grow their savings and investments, responsibly.

“We want to make investment choices and experiences accessible for everyone, no matter their circumstances.

“This is where the &me investing app comes in, it is designed to help people invest with a long-term view and approach, encouraging them and helping to educate through the app and the dedicated &me consultants.”