Madison Asset Management (Mamco), a subsidiary of the LSA Group, has introduced a new financial services product for portfolio managers and financial service administrators.

Called MPremier, the new offering will combine portfolio management services with other financial options such as motor insurance, home insurance, travel, estate planning, life and medical insurance, wills and trusts, tax compliance and advisory services.

It will also provide clients with a one-stop shop for non-traditional financial services, combined together with other lifestyle benefits, in a convenient environment.

Mamco managing director Muchindu Kasongola said the product will include all services offered by the subsidiaries of the LSA Group.

"As markets become more complex and investment products more diverse, we felt a profound sense of obligation to develop a service that would ensure that our clients optimise on the available investment opportunities while at the same time have sufficient protection in their portfolios to mitigate inherent down-side risks," Kasongola added.