Despite a vast majority of London city professionals dissatisfied with the outcome of Britain’s vote to quit the European Union, only few plan to relocate away from the city, according to a survey by Morgan McKinley.

The study, which focused on the banking, financial services and professional services sectors, revealed 68% of the respondents were not happy with the Brexit outcome, however only 10% said they would change their vote in the event of a second referendum.


The audience consisted of those working in the UK within the banking and financial services (39%), professional services (36%) and commerce and industry (25%) sectors, across a range of working ages.


Of the respondents that opposed Brexit, majority (69%) work within the banking and financial services sectors.

However, 48% of respondents said that their employer had no plans to relocate their business either in parts or in its entirety. Of these respondents, 36% are working in the banking and financial services sectors.

Thirty one percent of respondents said that relocation could be a strong possibility, while 21% could not confirm their company's future strategy.

When asked if they would consider relocating, 62% answered in the affirmative while 38% said otherwise.

Of the 38% of respondents who said that they were not prepared to leave the UK, 80% said that it was because they did not want to leave their current home, 63% cited family commitments, while 36% cited language barrier as the reason.

In a scenario of relocation, 58% of respondents said they preferred moving to mainland Europe, 18% said that they would consider the US, while 9% opted for AsiaPacific.