London & Capital, a UK-based wealth management firm, has subscribed its suite of managed portfolios with financial technology provider Distribution Technology’s risk profiling service.

Distribution Technology claims that its profiling service, Dynamic Planner, will enable London & Capital advisers to choose the most appropriate portfolio for their clients.

As part of the subscription, DT has reviewed and profiled London & Capital’s range of growth and income based managed portfolios in line with the profiles used on the Dynamic Planner risk profiling tool, and has assigned the risk profiles.

Richard Leigh, head of adviser solutions at London & Capital, said: "The DT mapping programme ensures portfolios are aligned in terms of both asset allocation and volatility, the principal objective of the DT risk profiles and risk profiling service being to provide financial advisers and their clients with a meaningful measure of the long-term investment risk of particular fund strategies, and a mechanism for selecting funds appropriate for an investor’s risk appetite and capacity for risk – with far greater confidence.

"In subscribing our managed portfolios to Dynamic Planner, which maps portfolios from most of the leading players in the DFM space, we are ensuring advisers make better manager selections," Leigh added.