The Lloyds TSB Private Banking sponsored investor outlook survey showed 46% of the 350 US investors surveyed have greater confidence in Obama’s ability to deliver a US economic recovery, compared with 42% who favour Romney.

The online survey of 2,700 global investors, of which 37% lived in the UK and 63% were from 11 other countries around the world, found that 56% of UK investors chose Obama on the economy, against 10% who have more faith in Romney.

US investors surveyed were split on which presidential candidate would have the most positive impact on US equity markets, with both polling 42%.

The survey shows US investors have marginally more faith in Obama to have a positive impact on global equity markets (41% to 36%), while UK and global investors again strongly favour Obama – 49% versus 11% and 47% versus 13% respectively.

The survey also reveals that US debt is the second biggest concern for global investors, behind Eurozone debt, and the third biggest concern for UK investors.

Source: Private Banker International