LeadFerret has released a specialized directory of Wealth Management Professionals which allows users to search and see full contact information for them.

See the full directory at: http://leadferret.com/directory/wealth-management-professionals

One doesn’t need a degree in economics to know that money is hard to get and very easy to spend in this economy. It’s easy to get into financial trouble if one doesn’t know how to manage his money properly. This is where Wealth Management Professionals come in, disciplined individuals who have the knowledge and resources to manage money properly.

Although the title of wealth managers is closely related to that of Financial Managers, a wealth manager acts to maintain and manage the wealth. Small business owners, families, or even single people come in seeking assistance with anything from property, investments, pensions, trusts, and insurance.

Forest Cassidy, co-founder of LeadFerret.com, said: "Wealth Management Professionals are there to help you create a range of financial disciplines. This is a directory of professionals who consider themselves to be highly skilled and highly trained in the field of Wealth Management. For some, it’s a way to help those wealthy individuals manage and maintain a sum of wealth, while others work for firms and other financial businesses, which is why we compiled this directory for you."