Independently owned wealth and asset manager London & Capital (L&C) has launched a new offering in the UK aimed at providing wealth management services to professionals.

The scheme, costing 1% of an investment management fee, particularly targets, accountants, lawyers, and private equity partners.

The team headed by Simon Tuck will provide extensive services from beginning to end of the client partnership’s journey. This includes access to partner loans and retirement and inheritance planning.

L&C will “continually assess unique professional situations, such as client’s exposure to conflicts of interest and regulation that can prohibit certain investments,” the firm said.

Tuck said: “Professionals have been underserved by the investment community for decades. As I know from experience, private banks tend to lock-in clients with lending and then rest on their laurels, providing outsourced generic investment management.

“We fully understand the complex needs of senior professionals, the challenges they face and the demands on their time which necessitates best in class financial planning and investment management.”