Brokerage firm KGI Asia has introduced a new wealth management service to provide its clients in Asia with tailor-made wealth solutions and tap new options in the field.

Dubbed KGI Asia Sage, the new service helps its customers to safeguard and preserve the wealth of their families and upcoming generations.

KGI Asia Sage clients will gain access to diverse investment products, such as securities, bonds, investment funds, and structured investment solutions.

They will also receive personalised investment tools and portfolio advisory services.

Besides, in order to fulfil the clients’ global investment requirements, KGI Asia Sage will offer one-stop service to facilitate identity authentication through its service providers in Asia, among others.

KGI Asia head of international wealth management Kevin Tai said: “We understand that clients not only rely on traditional ways to manage their wealth, but also take into account total wealth solutions at every stage of their lives.

“At KGI Asia, we take a holistic approach to wealth management, explore opportunities, and develop customised solutions to help our clients explore cross-border investment opportunities. KGI Asia Sage has provided client with wealth management services with investable assets over $250,000 this year.

“In just two short months, we have successfully reached $1.5bn in AUM, and we expect it will grow by 100% within one to two years. We are determined to become a preferred wealth management partner in Asia within the next three to five years.”

KGI Asia further noted that its 300 relationship managers have collaborated with its investment strategy team and product team to support its customers explore volatile markets.