Kelly+Partners has announced plans to establish a new office in Melbourne, with private wealth and chartered accounting businesses, in July this year.

The private wealth unit will be headed by Andrew Johnson, who currently serves as the director of private wealth services in Victoria and South Australia at BT Private Wealth.

Johnson’s financial career of over 15 years also includes a stint at UBS Investment Bank in London, Singapore and Zurich.

The chartered accounting segment will be led by Vanessa Sirotic, a family office expert with an experience of more than 15 years in the industry. She formerly worked with the Calvert Jones (Melbourne) and Albert (Sydney) families.

Kelly+Partners CEO Brett Kelly said: “It has been a driving principle of Kelly+Partners to go where clients are requesting service, and for a number of years both prospective & existing clients have expressed their desire for us to have an office in Melbourne. Currently, more than 7% of the Group’s revenue now comes from outside NSW.

“After significant review of the Melbourne market and meeting with numerous accounting firms over the past 4 years, it became obvious that the most effective way to enter this market was as a greenfield site with a team committed to bringing our unique offer to local clients.”

Kelly+Partners now has 22 operating businesses across locations in Greater Sydney, Hong Kong, Auckland and Melbourne.