Swiss private bank Julius Baer has rolled out its digital advisory platform in Asia, with an aim to help its advisers improve the quality and quantity of client interactions.

The new Digital Advisory Suite (DiAS) offering is designed to offer an end-to-end advisory process, helping reduce the complexity of regulations for relationship managers.

The platform uses machine learning algorithms, offering relationship managers a complete picture of client situations and also helping identify engagement opportunities.

It screens the bank’s investment universe, recommending investment ideas in line with the clients’ investment objectives and risk profiles.

The aim is to enhance efficiency, automate administration, and offer time savings in providing investment advice.

Julius Baer co-head of Investment & Wealth Management Solutions, Bank Nicolas de Skowronski said: “Julius Baer is one of very few international private banks to have all their major booking centres on one digital advisory platform.

“To achieve such significant efficiency gains while still keeping the platform connected to our vast technology architecture, we needed a bespoke solution such as DiAS which was created from scratch by our teams across Zurich and Asia.”

Julius Baer has operations in more than 20 countries and over 50 locations. Asia is said to be the private bank’s second home market.

The bank has made several technological investments lately.

Last month, Julius Baer unveiled its guided digital onboarding solution for clients in response to increased need for digital client connectivity.

Including a complete video identification service, the solution facilitates interaction between the relationship manager during the onboarding process.

Last year, it launched its digital assets service, in association with crypto-bank SEBA. The digital assets suite includes access to secure storage and transaction solutions.