JP Morgan Asset Management has signed an agreement with iCapital Network to provide registered investment advisors and their clients a selected group of JP Morgan Global Alternative strategies.

Under the agreement, iCapital will collaborate with JP Morgan Asset Management to provide access of selected JP Morgan Global Alternative strategies to high-net worth individuals.

The collaboration will see the usage of iCapital-developed technology platform which simplifies access to alternative investments for eligible investors.

An alternative investment unit of JP Morgan Asset Management, JP Morgan Global Alternatives provides strategies for various forms of alternative investments including real estate, private equity and credit, infrastructure, liquid alternatives and hedge funds.

JP Morgan Global Alternatives managing partner Anton Pil said: “As we get later in the economic cycle, identifying alternative sources of return is an essential consideration for investors looking to build stronger portfolios.

“Institutional clients have long embraced alternatives as a strategic part of their asset allocation, and many high-net-worth investors continue to be under-allocated to alternatives relative to their institutional counterparts.

“Given the current rising interest rate environment, investors are looking for alternative sources of income that provide diversification to broader fixed income markets, and as a result, we are starting with several of our income-focused Alternative Investment strategies.”

iCapital Network CEO Lawrence Calcano said: “We are committed to democratising alternative investments by providing unparalleled technology to advisors and their high-net-worth clients that improves the experience of allocating to new exposures and strategies.”