London-based stockbroker JNF Capital is set to launch an asset management arm, Atlas JNF Asset Management, to provide hedge-fund style strategies to retail investors.

The new asset management unit is to initially launch two products in partnership with Wallwood Consultants, which will offer investors two strategies for retail investors and other clients, according to Investment Week.

Under the partnership, the two funds namely Wallwood Atlas JNF Active Futures strategy and Wallwood Atlas JNF Global Multi Asset strategy will have minimum investment levels of £20,000.

The Wallwood Atlas JNF Active Futures strategy to be managed by JNF’s Robert Tratt, will use intra-day trading and short term trades over days and weeks to generate returns, while the Global Multi Asset strategy to be managed by the firm’s James Keen and Alexander Ainley, will globally invest in a variety of assets depending on the various macro calls made by the team.

JNF Capital plans to raise £5 million for the JNF Active Futures strategy.

Tratt said: "It is uncommon for retail clients to be able to access these kinds of products. We are offering strategies that hedge fund clients would usually use, but they will be open to anyone.

"There is nothing which operates on this time frame available for UK retail clients. It is something that people have been working at JNF Capital on the advisory side. We want to try to overcome some of the frustrations experienced in trading and make clients the most money possible," he added.