J.P. Morgan Private Bank works with financial education platform Sophia on a customised ‘’Women & Wealth’’ programme for clients and employees in Asia.

In Hong Kong and Singapore, the Women and Wealth project will hold in-person roundtable talks on investment and wealth management topics.

The roundtable series offers women in regional community, as well as clients and employees throughout the organisation, fresh perspectives, from key female executives at J.P. Morgan and elsewhere in Asia.

The Women and Wealth private community platform and online financial education courses on topics such as investing fundamentals, sustainable investments, and venture capital are also part of the project.

The program’s goal is to empower women in their unique wealth management journeys by encouraging knowledge and experience sharing across the region.

According to a Sophia survey on women’s financial education and asset management, 96% of women believe their financial knowledge should be improved.

J.P. Morgan’s recent Asia Pacific Top 100 Women-Powered, High-Growth Businesses Report highlighted effective network building in the professional and investor scene as a continuing barrier for women leaders aiming to strengthen and scale their business presence.

The findings shed light on the gender discrepancy in financial knowledge and networking opportunities, which serve as the program’s foundation.

“J.P. Morgan Private Bank’s partnership with Sophia is focused on serving the unique needs of women in Asia as they create and inherit wealth faster than ever before, at a world leading compound annual growth rate of 10.6%1. Through this partnership, we continue to supplement our ongoing efforts to bring together like-minded women to inspire and help one another,” said Kam Shing Kwang, chief executive officer for J.P. Morgan private bank in Asia, and vice chair of investment banking for Greater China.

“Women are 51% of the world’s population yet own a third of the world’s wealth. Thanks to the gender wealth and investing gap, women invest at lower rates and less often which leads to women retiring with less wealth. We are here to change that. We empower women to rewrite their relationship with money and support them with their unique wealth creation needs,” said Christine Yu, co-founder of Sophia.

“We are so excited to partner with J.P. Morgan Private Bank, the first private bank in the region to co-create a year-long strategic initiative made for women, by women.”