Banco Itau International has selected Finantix and its Digital Collaboration Hub for its US and Swiss clients.

It is set to elevate the Finantix platform that Itau already has in place.

The Digital Collaboration Hub allows financial institutions to activate communication and collaboration channels within weeks.

Furthermore, it enhances key client-orientated activities. These include daily client servicing activities, market updates, and investment advisory support, onboarding and origination workflow driven processes.

In addition, it can be deployed quickly on the cloud or on-site. Either choice requires minimal IT intervention with ready points of integration into exiting client portals and data within weeks.

Advisers can access and promote relevant information to clients in actionable formats. By enabling the digital sharing of relevant market-driven intelligence with their clients, advisers can enjoy tailored follow-on discussions driving personalised decisions that are right for their client-base.

Christine Ciriani, chief commercial officer for Finantix, said: “Today more than ever, financial institutions need to ensure their clients receive a level of service that is timely, relevant, personal and actionable, enabling decision-making at speed, and empowering clients with self-service elements. It is also vital that communications between clients and relationship managers remain efficient, trackable and secure. The Finantix Digital Collaboration Hub offering is well placed to meet these needs.”

Jakub Downar, head of product and R&D at Finantix, commented: “Product development has always been at the top of our business agenda with more than 20% of revenues year on year allocated to R&D. This is to ensure we fulfil market needs and continuously provide solutions of the highest standard. Our latest upgrade of the Finantix Collaboration Suite and the ready to run setup options offered with the Digital Collaboration Hub are an excellent testimony to the skills, expertise and knowledge of our team which evolved, tested and launched this offering in rapid response to evolving market needs.”