The Investment Association (IA) has launched a new intelligence platform to enable investment managers to combat cyber risks.

The new platform IA TITAN will serve as the Threat Intelligence Alert Network of the association.

IA will use technology from cyber security firm Anomali for the new platform.

Anomali CEO Hugh Njemanze said: “The problem of how to address cyberthreats is compounded by the overwhelming volumes of data about them, confusion over which security solutions are effective, and shortages of cybersecurity professionals.”

IA TITAN will offer a real-time dashboard, offering investment managers alerts on various cyber threats.

These threats include malware, ransomware, and software vulnerabilities.

The alerts provided through the platform will be from law enforcement, government agencies as well as other authorities.

The launch of the platform is said to be part of IA’s broader strategy to counter cyber breaches.

IA calls the launch “timely” as the Covid-19 global health crisis puts increased focus on cyber security.

IA CEO Chris Cummings said: “As COVID-19 has shown, criminals are prepared to take advantage of any situation for their financial gain.

“The ever-changing nature of these online threats goes right to the core of IA TITAN, which will provide industry-specific insights into cyber security threats, helping to keep customers and businesses safe.”