California-based fintech firm InvestCloud has launched a new solution, dubbed Emerald, for robo advisers and hybrid wealth managers.

The new offering aims to provide robo advisers and hybrid wealth managers with an end-to-end solution for portfolio management, trading, accounting, payments and fee management.

InvestCloud said that the solution incorporates investment book of record (IBOR), accounting book of record (ABOR) and settlement book of record (SBOR) modules into an integrated, full-stack solution. It also uses InvestCloud’s Digital Warehouse to enable a single version of the integrated truth.

All Emerald functionalities are available either as a complete solution, or as standalone apps, it added.

InvestCloud co-founder and CEO John Wise said: “Emerald gives Robos looking to run their back office and wealth managers needing to integrate digital capabilities a system that works seamlessly with existing processes.

“Across multi-asset-class, multi-currency investments, Emerald leverages our unique API-based approach and leading Digital Warehouse, which means all Robo-Advisors can have access to a powerful and highly modular automated processing platform.

“Whether a startup Robo, or a new hybrid service from an established wealth manager or bank, the challenge wealth firms face is integrating traditional standalone back-office systems with trading and portfolio management operations. Emerald eliminates these issues, bringing all functions together in an out-of-the-box solution – providing a single version of the integrated truth.”