Incapital, an underwriter and distributor of securities and investment products, has partnered with Nuveen Asset Management to launch a new equity unit trust in early 2014 that is designed to help individual investors reach their long-term investment objectives.

The new equity unit trust is developed in collaboration with Nuveen Asset Management chief equity strategist and senior portfolio manager Bob Doll.

It will provide investors with access to strategies with a fixed basket of securities and a defined maturity, designed for investors willing to assume the risks of investing in equities.

Incapital CEO John Radtke said they expect the first series of unit trusts to be one of many innovative solutions to be offered by Incapital in partnership with Nuveen.

"Over time, we will look to create and deliver a broad range of investment opportunities in multiple distribution channels. We are pleased to initiate our partnership with a unit trust designed for a market segment experiencing increased investor demand," Radtke added.

Nuveen Asset Management president William Huffman said they are pleased to partner with Incapital to offer this new unit trust and highlight Bob Doll’s deep and respected expertise in equity investing.

"Working together, we look forward to developing a series of unit trust offerings that draw from our multi-asset-class investment platform and that we believe will help secure the long-term goals of investors," Huffman added.