Zurich-based fund information provider fundinfo and fund research firm ifund have launched Digital-Advisor, a cloud-based system for fund selection.

The tool scores active and passive funds based on scientific criteria research on a wide range of factors. It analyses data about fund houses, fund managers, and their investment processes, then combines the results with an investor’s preferences and convictions to generate a list of recommended mutual funds and ETFs.

Using the tool fund analysts can obtain a short-list of attractive funds which they can evaluate in greater detail with fund managers.

Jan Giller, head of marketing and sales at ifund and fundinfo said, “Digital-Advisor is the first expert system that evaluates both active and passive funds based on many years of research and scientific evidence, then combines the results with individual investor preferences and emotional convictions. Thanks to this unique technology, funds can be selected far better than with the usual past performance-related data.”

Digital-Advisor can be used as a stand-alone tool, or embedded into existing investment advisory solutions via APIs.