The US technology giant IBM has launched two new solutions for
private and investment banking, which should enable banks to
enhance the functionality of their front office applications.

The first, the Order and Portfolio Management,
is a platform which integrates bank’s order and portfolio
management applications providing a single view of all client

The solutions were initially developed by
IBM’s Swiss consultants to serve Swiss private banks.


Sophisticated analysis of

Handling all common financial instruments and
order types, including securities, mutual funds and payments, from
processing to settlement, Order and Portfolio Management should
reduce the inefficiencies generated by the coexistence of different
managing programs, and therefore slash transaction time, costs and
error rates.

The second program, Portfolio Performance
Monitoring, is a web-based investment performance measurement
application which helps banks in calculating and analysing
investment portfolios and composites’ performance and risk

Investment advisers can instantly access an
overview of a single client’s assets, the portfolio’s performance
in total and on an aggregated asset class level.