Horter Investment Management (HIM) has formed an alliance with Highland Capital Brokerage to offer new growth opportunities for its financial advisors.

The tie-up is a part of HIM’s TurnKey RIA approach, which is a business development initiative for the company’s advisors to link with improved high net worth and estate financial planning solutions.

TurnKey RIA is designed to allow advisors to complete their tasks without setting up their individual registered investment advisor (RIA) firms.

With the latest collaboration, HIM aims to support its financial advisors to strengthen their portfolio in the field of high-net-worth advanced planning.

Employing TurnKey RIA solution, advisors with more experience in assets and revenue can take advantage of a group scale as well as break-point asset rate, as the costs reduce at greater asset levels.

Horter Investment Management founder and CEO Drew Horter said: “We are a connector for our advisors, offering them valuable ways to support their practice.

“Horter advisors have always strived to be at the forefront of the industry.

“The Horter/Highland partnership, as part of our turn-key approach, lets our advisors enhance relationships with clients even more.”

Unlike the old broker-dealer operation that is mostly based on fees being charged for support services, the Horter TurnKey RIA solution is developed on a system that enables advisors to grow their net profit while reducing customer fees, stated the company.

The TurnKey RIA approach covers a range of services including strategic advice, real-world coaching methods, medical benefits at minimal costs and others.

Last month, HIM announced the launch of a new programme, called Financial Advisor Benefits Package, for its financial advisors.