Trellis Advisors, with over $470m in assets under management, increases Highland’s total assets under management to $1.9bn.

The purchase of Trellis by Highland is motivated by the two companies’ shared commitment to helping clients use their wealth to live completely as well as Trellis’ goal in scaling up with Hightower’s office capabilities.

Less than a year after joining forces with Hightower, Highland’s accomplishment in closing the deal confirms its standing as an appealing partner for advisors in the Pacific Northwest.

Highland’s capacity to develop client connections, find new clients, and strengthen the organisation’s personnel and capabilities is demonstrated by its high growth progress, which has occurred both organically and through acquisitions.

Ray Gilmour, founder of Trellis stated: “We have known Highland for years, and we have similar core values of integrity and objectivity. We both take a holistic approach to comprehensive wealth planning for our clients and offer parallel services to build and nurture a client service offering that can adapt to evolving needs. We look forward to joining the Highland organisation.”

Highland’s CEO and founder, John Christianson, said: “We are coming together because of our commitment to helping clients connect their money to a life of meaning and purpose. Trellis shares our client-centric ethos, to act as a ‘wealth confidant’ in all aspects of our clients’ lives. Bringing Trellis into the Highland family is a natural geographic extension of our advisory services in Washington state as we continue to expand our presence in the Pacific Northwest.”

“Highland’s acquisition of Trellis demonstrates Hightower’s proven ability to drive growth through our affiliated businesses,” added Bob Oros, chairman and CEO, Hightower. “We’re excited to have supported Highland with their expansion goals within the first year of the business since joining Hightower and look forward to continuing to support these ambitions – both on the inorganic and organic side.”