US-based financial technology provider Hearsay has unveiled the next generation of its enterprise compliance platform to better counter social and digital risk.

The new platform makes use of predictive technology to mitigate false alerts and allow compliance teams to focus on highest risk activities.

The platform also includes the Risk Meter, which is a social media compliance technology leveraging machine learning to focus on highest-risk activities for supervision teams.

The platform is built to conform to a range of regulatory requirements, including those from FINRA, SEC and FFIEC. It also addresses the unique policies of each firm.

Hearsay chief technology officer Mark Gilbert said: “Today, supervision teams are tasked to do more than ever before. Hearsay’s powerful combination of machine learning, auto-sampling and auto-remediation allows them to act on the riskiest advisor behavior quickly, while knowing they have broad coverage across their field’s activities.

“Teams become more productive, with deeper control and expanded coverage over advisor-client communications.”