CapBridge, a private capital platform backed by the Singapore Exchange, has teamed up with South Korea’s Hana Financial Investment (HFI).

The alliance is said to be mutually beneficial, enabling CapBridge to expand in South Korea.

On the other hand, it will enable HFI to tap CapBridge’s private capital eco-system in order to provide private market access for companies and investors in South Korea.

HFI CEO Lee Jin-kook said: “Hana Financial Investment is making steady efforts to create a global investment model to enable more active overseas exchanges between the local industries and local venture capital.

“We will actively support local unlisted companies to increase exchanges with overseas investors, resulting in more investment.”

CapBridge further noted that along with its affiliate 1exchange (1X), it will enable South Korea-based investors to secure foreign investment opportunities easily.

A private exchange regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, 1X provides private equity trading.

CapBridge founder and CEO Johnson Chen said: “We are pleased to have the support of Hana Financial Investment, as we continue to extend our footprint in Asia.

“We look forward to offering more value to clients of HFI, as we work together to create investment opportunities through CapBridge and our private securities exchange 1X for companies and investors in South Korea.”