CSJ Golden Bull (Beijing) Investment Consulting (CSJGB) affiliated to China Securities Journal (CSJ) has released the ‘Golden Bull Fund Index of 20 Equal-Weighted Stock and Mixed funds’.

It is the first of China’s index of funds (FOF), which can be practically tracked to form an investable fund portfolio. The related financial product is also about to come soon.

A guru of domestic fund research comments, combining the virtues of FOF and index investment, the Golden Bull fund index is a great innovation that is consistent with China’s current fund market and an unprecedented trial of portfolio investment around the globe.

With the constituent funds all dedicatedly selected from the best of the domestic market — the ‘Golden Bull funds,’ the FOF provide investors with an ideal and instant access to the greatest funds in China. The selected FOF is a favorable investment vehicle for investors, like pension funds, pursuing low risk and moderate returns.

Dr. Lin Chen, the President and Editor-in-Chief of CSJ, the President of the Board of CSJGB says China’s wealth management market is gathering "fission" energy, an increasing number of fund companies are undergoing transition to the new wealth management institutions.

CSJGB has captured this trend thence to release this fund index to offer investors with a useful reference, more importantly, provide a proper investment target for the fund companies preparing for FOF products.

He adds, "Golden Bull" no longer simply means one good fund, but also a combination of good choices for fund investors. As for the fund management companies, to have a constituent fund not only can enhance the reputation of their company, but also can actually increase the fund size.

It is expected that the index can promote the fund industry to improve their investment ability to provide investors with better returns, and the virtuous development cycle of the industry.

It is reported that the CSJGB, a subsidiary of CSJ, is dedicated to the analysis and evaluation of financial products and applied research, relying on CSJ’s Golden Bull series awards professional influence and brand.

The company has launched a website (www.jnlc.com) to provide fund companies, securities firms, commercial banks, trust companies and other institutions, as well as the personal investors with authoritative assessment of financial products, first-hand wealth management information, professional financial market data and application services.