Peer-to-peer lending platform (P2P) Goji has rolled out a diversified P2P lending bond for financial advisers and wealth managers in the UK.

Especially targeted at the intermediary market, the new Diversified Peer-to-peer Lending Bond will allow advisers and wealth managers to access over 200 loans from various lending partners.

The new proposition aims to achieve returns of more than 5% over a term of one or three years, and is eligible for inclusion within the Innovative Finance ISA.

Goji CEO Jake Wombwell-Povey said: “Goji’s aim is to combine traditional financial services expertise with innovative technology to open this exciting asset class for new investor markets.

“With the launch of our Diversified P2P Lending Bond, wealth managers can engage clients for the first time with a carefully designed product, with risk management and portfolio construction at its core, that is covered fully by the FOS. The product’s eligibility for inclusion in the new Innovative Finance ISA makes it ideal for investors seeking steady, low-volatility returns in 2017-18.”