Global Alliance Wealth Management has secured a licence from the Japanese government's Financial Services Agency to open a new office in Tokyo.

The new office, which is set to start operations before the end of September 2017, will operate as an alternative investment and discretionary advisory firm.

Additionally, Global Alliance has hired Masaki Ogawa as CEO and Bradley Carter as executive secretary.

Commenting on the opening of new office, Ogawa said: "The company had considered the prospect of expanding operations in 2015 and had initially expected to open our third office in London last year. With the political instabilities over in Europe we had to put that decision on hold and bring forward the option to cement our foothold in Japan.

"This is a great personal honor as I return home to lead Global Alliance Wealth Management's expansion into Japan. The opening of the Tokyo office is another step forward in strengthening our position as a leading investment manager as we remain focused on globalizing our capabilities based on an evolving client profile."