GAM Investments has integrated a suite of Bloomberg buy-side workflow solutions to streamline risk and portfolio management across the enterprise.

Bloomberg’s solution will enable the pure-play asset manager to manage market risk exposure and liquidity and investment risk based on factor risk models.

It will also help GAM’s traders, portfolio and risk managers to efficiently manage strategies and portfolios throughout the full risk management process.

Additionally, the offering is said to cover asset classes including simple cash assets as well as complex customised structures.

In addition to managing liquidity and portfolio risks in all market environments, the solution will provide GAM with consolidated pricing and valuation services to assess and manage market risk exposure through a full revaluation engine.

GAM head of Investment David Dowsett said: “By working with Bloomberg we have access to robust and easily scalable solutions that enable us to streamline our risk management processes across asset classes and portfolios. This also helps us to facilitate even greater collaboration between teams, resulting in efficiencies from better decision-making to deeper insights.”

Bloomberg Global head of Risk and Pricing Jose Ribas said: “Bloomberg’s offering combines multiple complementary solutions – pricing, risk analytics, market data – that amount to much more than the sum of those parts.

“We’re pleased to work with GAM Investments to provide them with our robust and flexible solutions, powered by the depth and quality of data and analytics that is synonymous with Bloomberg.”

This February, GAM signed a partnership agreement with Liberty Street Advisors to offer its clients access to late-stage, privately-owned technology companies.