FusionIQ is on track to transform Canadian wealth management with its modern FusionIQ One platform as a company with a profound understanding of the distinctive aspects of the country’s financial landscape.

Mark Healy, chief executive officer of FusionIQ: “Our Canadian expansion marks a new era in our digital wealth journey, as we bring our award-winning platform to Canada. With a dedicated Canadian website, and a team of highly experienced executives who understand both the U.S. and Canadian markets, our all-in-one platform will meet the evolving needs of more portfolio managers and investment dealers through four easy-to-activate modules – Digital Advice, Self-Directed Investing, finTAMP, and Digital Model Marketplace. Our knowledge of the Canadian market positions us for sustainable growth, and to capitalize on the incredible opportunities available.”

Hybrid module, FusionIQ One digital advice can be client-driven, rep-assisted, or advisor-led.

The platform’s investing module has the potential to open up new revenue streams for businesses, while the digital model marketplace module offers fund managers access to a new channel for distribution.

The finTAMP (Turnkey Asset Management Programme) featuring sophisticated portfolio management capabilities provides wealth managers with a white-label solution, enabling workflows and multi-custodial data feeds to give Canadian businesses access to this digital asset management programme.

Furthermore, the multi-custodian and multilingual structure of FusionIQ One meets the range of requirements of the Canadian market and because of its versatility.

A committed Canadian team, under the direction of Howard Atkinson, CFA, head of business development for FusionIQ Canada, is assisting with managing the implementation of FusionIQ One in Canada.

“We believe that FusionIQ’s innovative platform will transform the way Canadian firms empower the advisor-client relationship,” added Atkinson. “The integration of digital workflows and process automations will enable Canadian firms to not only grow but also compete effectively in the global market. We are excited about this expansion, a significant milestone for FusionIQ, and a major step for Canadian advisors whose needs have gone unaddressed by other wealthtech firms.”